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Whether you're curious about different industries or eager to gain hands-on experience, the College's careers department offers a variety of different resources and opportunities to help you prepare for your future career.

Access Career Tools Website: Begin your work experience preparation by visiting our Career Tools website: Navigate to the Workplace Learning section to explore everything you need to know about work experience, including forms, documents, and valuable insights into the work environment.

Important information about work experience:

  • Mandatory WHS Training: Students, including those in years 11 and 12, must complete 5 hours of Work Health and Safety (WHS) training before any work experience. Year 11 and 12 students need a 1-hour refresher course. Safety is paramount.
  • Working with Children Checks (WWCC): Some students may need a WWCC for work experience. Apply early due to processing delays.
  • RAN-EC Training for Work Experience: Essential for work in school, childcare, or kindergarten settings, the Reporting Abuse and Neglect (RAN-EC) training ensures preparedness for risks.
  • Whitecard Training for Construction Sites: Necessary for construction site work experience. Contact us for training details.
  • Holiday Work Experience: Year 11 and 12 students must complete a 1-hour WHS refresher course for holiday work experiences.

Work experience opportunities:

  • Limited Places - HMAS Cerberus, Victoria: Exclusive Navy placement opportunity. Apply promptly.
  • STEM Work Experience Week at UniSA: Explore STEM fields through hands-on activities. Apply by April 30.
  • Surveying Work Experience Opportunity: Explore surveying careers during the April holidays. Contact Mrs. McDonald for details.
  • Automotive Industry Work Experience: Opportunities for apprenticeships. Contact the Motor Trades Association for placements.

For additional opportunities check the Message Board on our Career Tools website for more options.

Encourage your child to embrace these growth opportunities. For questions or assistance please reach out to the Careers Department.

Additionally, here are upcoming events:

Thank you for your support in guiding your child's career journey.

Lisa McDonald
Leader of Learning Pathways and Future

From the Head of Senior School
From the Co-curricular Department