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Ite Inflammate Omnia.

An Ignatian heritage is foundational to Saint Ignatius’ College and helps to define our philosophy.

When Saint Ignatius Loyola, the College patron and founder of the Jesuit order, missioned his friend Francis Xavier to Asia, he gave him the simple instruction: “Ite, inflammate omnia.”

Go, set the world alight.

Since 1951, we have instilled this directive into each and every graduate of Saint Ignatius’ College. By helping young women and men to first ignite their own hearts with compassion and their minds with possibility, they can then go and spark the fires of change in their communities and the world.

Jesuit education is founded on the principle of cura personalis – care for the individual. Saint Ignatius’ College reaches beyond academic achievement to shape the morals and ethics of the whole person. Our unique approach to pastoral care champions inclusivity and compassion, relying on the development of one’s conscience. In doing this, we seek to form men and women who live fully when they live not just for themselves, but for others too.

Our College philosophy has attracted a whole community of like-minded people dedicated to fulfilling its mission: caring and skilled staff committed to guiding young people on their individual paths, Old Ignatians who share their valued experience, parents and caregivers who support and engage in College activities, and the students themselves, whose thirst for discovery breathes spirit into the College. We seek to deliver an educational experience that helps young people ‘Find God in All Things’, nurture their relationship with God, understand they are loved by God, and live the Gospel value of justice.

When you join the Saint Ignatius’ College community, you become part of this educational tradition that dates back more than 450 years.

We invite you to learn more about the Jesuit Schools across Australia by visiting Jesuit Education Australia.

A holistic approach to modern education in the Jesuit tradition.