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The ethos of Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide is based on the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola, a Basque nobleman who lived from 1491-1556.

This ethos is grounded on a deep faith in God who loves each of us unconditionally, and for Ignatius the only appropriate response to that love is gratitude.

Ignatius found ‘God in All Things’; in all people and nature, in all creation. Serving and caring for all God created is the way we respond to God’s infinite love for us.

At Saint Ignatius’ College, we encourage an openness to share in the faith of God through prayer, reflection and liturgy. And we promote a life of service, especially to those less fortunate, which enables us to experience life through the eyes of another.

Ignatius wanted his companions to be ‘Contemplatives in Action’. Here at Saint Ignatius’ College, we aim to similarly form students through a faith that does justice.

Ikara Immersion, Flinders Ranges

Ikara Immersion, Flinders Ranges

Senior School

Faith and Service is lived out at our Senior School through the following:

Student Formation:

Student Formation seeks the formation of students in a faith that does justice. The program recognises that from the Catholic, Jesuit perspective of the College all service must be based upon a deep understanding that each is called by God, and a profound commitment to Jesus Christ who is the exemplar of our human conduct. In the same way, this perspective recognises that a faith in Jesus Christ and in the love of God can only lead a person to seek justice in the world, through action for peace. The Ignatian Formation Program operates principally through the following:

  • Days of Reflection
    A ‘Day of Reflection’ is an explicit opportunity for students of a particular cohort, with staff, to engage in day-long faith based learning and reflective practice.
  • Kairos Retreats
    A moment in “God's time”, in which the retreatants may be awakened to the ever-present love of God.
  • Faith & Service Day
    Led by the Faith and Service Leaders, and the Faith and Service staff team, students will use this day to engage in a range of social justice initiatives, attend Chapel services in their House groups, sustainability activities and Jesuit Province commitments. The weekly 30-minute session will be completed in either Houses or Mentor Groups, providing students opportunities to be active participants and reflective learners in each focus block and is supported by appropriate content in Liturgies and Masses, Religious Education and Chapel Services.

Justice and Service:

A Jesuit school must practically promote service throughout each student’s life. The attitudes and practices that lead to student’s graduating firmly as people for others needs to be developed over time and this can only be done by direct building of human relationships with those who suffer, are oppressed and marginalised and are in need. 

The College is responsible for providing a framework within which students can be introduced to, and grow in, the concrete living out of being ‘people for others’. Students and families are responsible for proactively engaging in this framework and making it their own.

Areas of service include:

  • Ignatian Service
    A commitment to Community Service from Year 7-11.
  • Sustainability
    This School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) outlines the Saint Ignatius College, Adelaide commitment to sustainability and the care of creation. It highlights our achievements to date and a plan for what we would like to achieve in the future. The College will continue to take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Immersions
    Immersions open our eyes to the world around us, those living on the margins, and acting in service. These include initiatives in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Lake Mungo, NSW, and Flinders Ranges.
  • Aboriginal Education
    We are a broad-based inclusive community that is 'in' the world rather than 'of' the world. We strive for justice, change, opportunity, and respect for all people, finding God in all things.
  • Social Justice
    Promotion of Social Justice initiatives occurs throughout the year to support charities both locally and globally.

Junior School

At the Junior School, service occurs through support of Jesuit Mission and other charities. Upper primary students are involved in Community Service programs. Promotion of our Ignatian Values teaches the importance of helping others, especially the marginalised.

Students participate in Liturgies, Masses, Prayer and the reflective Examen prayer. The sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion are offered to students in Years 3 and 4 respectively. Days of Reflection are organised for our upper primary students and the Religious Education Curriculum is taught across all year levels.

Staff who support students include the Classroom Teachers, Religious Education and Student Leadership Coordinators.