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The Junior School, located at Norwood, is well serviced by standard Adelaide Metro bus routes. A comprehensive network of buses services the Senior School at Athelstone which is located some seven minutes from the Paradise Interchange and fifteen minutes from Norwood. Students boarding in the city are carried along the O-Bahn to the Paradise Interchange in a matter of minutes.

A Campus Link operates morning and afternoon between the two schools. In the morning the Campus Link departs Athelstone where it picks up junior students and travels to Norwood. After leaving the Junior School, it returns to Athelstone with senior students. A similar service operates in the afternoon.

A morning Co-curricular Campus Link Bus departs the Junior School at 7.00am to travel to the Senior School, arriving at 7.30am for morning training sessions and rehearsals. This bus will use the regular Campus Link route, departing the Junior School and travelling down William Street, Portrush Road, Lower North East Road and Gorge Road, to arrive at the Senior School.

Tickets for the Campus Link bus, including the co-curricular bus are available from the Book Room at the Senior School or the Junior School Front Office at Norwood.