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The Student Wellbeing Framework espouses our wellbeing ideals which are encompassed in the four pillars of Belonging, Engagement, Growth, and Companionship.

The aim of the framework is to support our community with a system of care and culture that gives contemporary expression to cura personalis (development of the whole person - cognitive, emotional, physical, social and spiritual). The framework encourages and supports a quest for human excellence, reflection, the development of individual gifts and talents, the ability to establish and maintain positive and nourishing relationships, and a lifelong openness to growth where individuals can thrive in community. The framework supports all students in embracing Ignatian virtues through their HEAD (curious and contemplative, reflective and discerning), HEART (grateful and joyful, faith-filled and hopeful), and HANDS (loving and generous, just and courageous).

Our way of proceeding through informal and formal pastoral practices, wellbeing programs and relevant policies from IEY to Year 12, aims to live out each of the pillars of the framework and their accompanying ideals.

Download a copy of the Student Wellbeing Framework IEY - Year 12 below.