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Pastoral Care at the Junior School is best reflected by the Ignatian term, “Cura Personalis”. This means, “care for the individual”. Students are recognised as special individuals with their very own gifts and talents. Cura Personalis should be reflected in all the relationships that occur amongst members of the whole school community.

Our philosophy

We desire our students to develop their God-given potential to its fullest capacity. This is promoted through a stimulating curriculum that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning within a caring Christian environment where they know they are valued, feel safe to extend themselves, use their imagination and take risks.

We invite, encourage and challenge every child to be the best they can be as a whole person in how they:

  • learn as they engage with a broad and extensive curriculum,
  • present themselves, treat others and take on challenges, and
  • grow in all areas of humanity.

Our passion

It is our passion to motivate and encourage children at every opportunity, and to encourage the development and growth of a strong sense of compassion and care for others.

Teachers work to establish mutual respect between themselves and their students.

Honesty, integrity and a high regard for the uniqueness of each student are important bases for respectful relationships. Such bonds enable a teacher to elicit the best effort from each pupil.

A constant striving for improvement in everything that contributes to the growth and learning of the student is part of the teacher’s role, which includes the obligation to lead and display initiative and to co-operate and assist others.

When students enrol at Saint Ignatius' College, they are placed into one of the following Houses. House identity strengthens over the students' journey at the College.

College Houses