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About the College

Saint Ignatius' College is an independent, Catholic co-educational school educating 1,435 students across two campuses.

The Junior School, encompassing the Ignatius Early Years (3-5 year olds) and Reception to Year 6 students, is located in the suburb of Norwood. The Senior School (Years 7-12) is located in the suburb of Athelstone.

The College is one of four Australian Jesuit Colleges that form part of a network of over 1,000 international Jesuit educational communities, which began with the visionary Saint Ignatius Loyola some 450 years ago.

College staff is comprised of lay and Jesuit teachers committed to maintaining the Jesuit philosophy of education.

As a Jesuit school, we provide students with meticulous care in the development of their imaginative, affective and creative dimensions and assist each child to mature gradually in all these areas. This enriches learning, taking it far beyond a solely intellectual pursuit.

A Jesuit education is based on Christian Humanism and emphasises the development of the whole person, which includes the:

  • mind, heart, body and will
  • intellectual and affective
  • spiritual and the physical
  • imagination and
  • the sense of critique.

In traditional Jesuit terminology, our cura personalis approach (care for the entire person) ensures each student is treated as a unique and gifted young person.

The ideal for Ignatian graduates is to become young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion with an attitude of striving for excellence and being men and women serving others.

Since education is a life-long process, it is our aim to instil a joy in learning and a desire to learn that will remain with students beyond their College days.


Both the Senior and Junior Schools have specific areas to enhance learning, particularly with regard to the creative arts of music, art and drama.

In addition, technology is an important feature of the classroom with the use of smartboards and laptops, as well as specialised computer laboratories.

Science laboratories also exist at both sites to assist in the development of the enquiring mind, as well as modern library and information resource centres.

As Jesuit Education is concerned with the development of the whole person, a full involvement in the Co-curricular Program of Saint Ignatius' College is vital for all students.

Both campuses have excellent sporting facilities and Tuck Shops. A Book Room and Uniform Shop are located at the Senior School.

Public Transport

The Senior School is based on 16 hectares in the suburb of Athelstone at the Adelaide foothills approximately 15 minutes away from both the CBD and Junior School. It provides a broad curriculum for students in the Middle and Senior Years.

Both campuses may be accessed using Public Transport, and there is a Campus Link bus that travels between the Norwood and Athelstone campuses.

About Adelaide

South Australia’s capital city is Adelaide enjoys a moderate climate with average temperatures ranging from 28 degrees in summer to 15 degrees in winter.

With numerous parklands, picturesque hills and sandy beaches, Adelaide has a pleasant, easy and relaxed lifestyle that is suitable for learning. Adelaide also has one of the lowest costs of living of any city in Australia.

The population includes people from many different European and Asian cultural backgrounds. The city is very multicultural and features international cultural activities and festivals.

Adelaide is an easy city to navigate and most areas can be accessed by car or public transport.

For more information about studying in South Australia, please visit:

Tertiary Study

Saint Ignatius’ College offers a balanced program to prepare students for further study at university or TAFE.

Our Senior School students study the South Australian Certificate of SACE. For detailed curriculum information, please view our Curriculum Handbooks located on this page.

Students may also participate in Vocational Education and Training Program (VET) offered at the College within Film and Media and Aquaculture (Science) in partnership with TAFE.

For more information regarding tertiary study in South Australia, please visit:

Other Important Information

Overseas students usually arrange their own accommodation, however, assistance may be provided as needed.

Saint Ignatius’ College will be bound by the provisions of the Education Services for International Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code, of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

The ESOS Act is the primary Australian Government Legislation governing international student education in Australia. The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Reforms Relations administers the ESOS Act and provider compliance with the Act.

The National Code provides nationally consistent standards for the conduct of registered providers and the registration of their courses. These standards set our specifications and procedures to ensure that providers of education and training courses can clearly understand and comply with their obligations under The National Code.

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For the following information, please contact the College Registrar:

  • English Language Proficiency and Enrolment
  • Refund Policy
  • Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation of Enrolment

We invite you to browse our website to find out more about the College.

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