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Cura personalis, or care for the whole person, lies at the heart of our Pastoral Care structures at the College. Each individual student is viewed as gifted and unique, no matter the range of individual talents, and deserves to be known, loved, and affirmed.

At the Senior School, all students are placed into House Mentor Groups, under the guidance of a House Mentor Teacher. Each day students spend a period after recess with their House Mentor, fulfilling a range of House activities, wellbeing conversations and faith and service commitments. The House Mentor Teacher is responsible for overseeing the growth, belonging, engagement and companionship of each of these students. House Mentor Teachers have the primary responsibility for communication between the College and parents/caregivers regarding students in their care.

Each House Mentor Group is comprised of approximately 18 students. In the Middle Years, these groups are horizontal, with two year-level groups per House in Years 7 – 9. In the Senior Years, these groups are vertical, with a mixture of approximately six Year 10, Year 11, and Year 12 students in each House Mentor Group. Where possible, House Mentor Teachers will remain the primary carer for their group of students for three years or more, following their journey and progression through the College. Ideally siblings will be placed in the same House Mentor Groups, creating longstanding relationships, and deepening the connection between the student, the mentor, and their families.

When students enrol at Saint Ignatius' College, they are placed into one of the following Houses.

College Houses