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Middle Years

Year 7 to Year 9

The emphasis of the Middle Years curriculum is on the core subjects, English, Mathematics, Science and History. All students are exposed to the use of computers and other technology during their time in the Middle Years and courses are offered which promote an awareness of our eco-system and our responsibility for the care of the environment. The Religious Education program is a focus of the curriculum at all year levels.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Religious Education Religious Education Religious Education
Art (Semester Only) Art (Semester Only) English
Digital Technologies Digital Technologies (Semester Only) History
Drama (Semester Only) Drama (Semester Only) Mathematics
English English Mathematics - Essential
Geography (Semester Only) Geography (Semester Only) Mathematics - Accelerated
History (Semester Only) History (Semester Only) Health & Physical Education
Mathematics Mathematics Science
Music (Semester Only) Music (Semester Only) Four units from:
Health & Physical Education Health & Physical Education Art (1 Unit)
Science Science Chinese* (2 Units)
One language from: One language from: Digital Technologies (1 Unit)
Chinese+ Chinese*+ Design (1 Unit)
French# French*+ Drama (1 Unit)
Indonesian# Indonesian*# French* (2 Units)
Italian# Italian*+ Geography (1 Unit)
Latin# Latin*+ Indonesian* (2 Units)
Italian* (2 Units)
Latin* (2 Units)
Literacy and Numeracy Support (1 or 2 Units)
Music Studies (1 Unit)
Music Contempoary (1 Unit)

# Beginners level language course.

+ Student must have previous experience with the language.

* The study of at least one foreign language is compulsory until the end of Year 9, except where advised otherwise, by the Faculty Leader of English & LOTE and the Director of Teaching and Learning.

Schooling must involve a celebration of the mind.