Year Seven-ready since 1996

Mar 24, 2017

Last year Saint Ignatius' College celebrated 20 years of teaching Year Seven in a secondary setting at its Senior School at Athelstone.

In 1996, the College established a new educational model with full co-education from Reception to Year Twelve and at that time it was also determined that Year Seven would be better suited in a Middle Years program at the Senior School.

College Rector Fr Robert Davoren SJ endorses the move which continues to be of benefit today.

"Our Year Seven students gain much from their location and context at the Senior School and we, too, gain much from their presence," Fr Davoren said.

"It is pleasing to see how much they enjoy being with the older students. We have witnessed their readiness to develop greater independence and take on new challenges with the help of specialist teachers and facilities. They are also eager to take part in our Senior School co-curricular program which extends to such areas as robotics, media and environmental conservation.

"Reflecting upon the last 20 years, I'd say the move has been a success on all accounts."

Head of Senior School, Mr Peter Coffey supports Catholic Education South Australia's commitment to transitioning Year Seven to a secondary setting by 2019.

"I am delighted that our Catholic sector is grasping this reform as I know that it works," Mr Coffey said.

"I am also very happy when I read about Catholic Schools being Year Seven-ready but I must admit that I do smile to myself as I think about Saint Ignatius being Year Seven-ready - since 1996!"

Year Seven-ready? Absolutely!