Saint Ignatius’ College (Adelaide) Ltd

May 28, 2018

Saint Ignatius' College will move to a more contemporary and effective model of governance in the new financial year. Please see letters from the Principal and Rector and the Provincial of the Australian Jesuits, in relation to this.

This new model includes registering the College as an incorporated legal entity – Saint Ignatius' College (Adelaide) Ltd. This approach has already been successfully adopted by other Jesuit schools in Australia, and is consistent with governance models used by the majority of independent Catholic schools.

The new model will provide clearer governance and accountability in all areas, including education programs, financial management and employment conditions.

The new arrangement will enable a balance of local decision making by the Board, Principal and Rector, and strategic oversight from Jesuit Education Australia (JEA). This new entity, JEA, will help inform the way the College makes decisions and implements practical policies and therefore, will help the College achieve its objectives.

It is important to note that these changes are largely administrative and will not affect students or families in any way. It will also be business as usual for all College staff, whose employment contracts will be transferred to the new incorporated entity and continue unchanged

The new structure retains all that we value about this College. The Jesuit ethos remains at the core of who we are and what we do. These new arrangements will help ensure Saint Ignatius' College has the administrative and governance structures to continue successfully as a Jesuit school into the future, ensuring students obtain an education of the highest standards in our tradition.