Reconciliation Week reflection

Jul 01, 2014

Year 10 student Georgia De Conno experienced firsthand, the rich culture of Australian Indigenous people as well as the disadvantages they face after a life changing eleven days in the Tiwi Islands this year.

"There was an overpowering sense of culture, family and community on the island. A particular highlight for me was the bush camp, as this experience enabled me to learn more about the traditional Indigenous culture," Georgia said.

"Spending time with the Tiwis also opened my eyes to the sad fact that there are many inequalities between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians," Georgia said.

Georgia's experience in the Tiwi Islands also brought home the importance of National Reconciliation Week, held this year between May 27 and June 3.

"Reconciliation week means a lot to me, as it celebrates the history and culture of the Indigenous Australians and helps unify us," Georgia said.

We, as Australians should embrace the differences between our non-Indigenous communities and Indigenous communities and respect their culturally literate leaders so that we can 'grow together in harmony'," said Georgia.

Read the story published in the July issue of The Southern Cross.