Ode to the Richard Flynn Theatre

Nov 14, 2014

Ode to the Richard Flynn Theatre

We've magic to do, scenes to create,
Worlds to find - small and great.

We say, as show folk, one and all
Thanks, indeed, for the use of the hall

No more will our drama and all
Be played in a bare, cold old hall

But in this beautiful theatre, The Richard Flynn
We are all welcome - come in, come in

Named for a great servant of our school
A great man of the theatre - let the house be full

How proud he'd be of all to come
Of discipline, discovery, respect and fun

Of all the scenes we will herein play
Elsinore, a blasted heath, fair Verona - night and day

To serve our faith through our art
To find ourselves in the theatre - the best part

We remember a fine, good-hearted teacher and friend
Who loved his students, his school and the theatre - without end

He made opportunities for theatrical art
As generations of Ignatians played their part

Especially those who went on to take the law
Rofe, Ward, Boylan and so many more

We remember Richard and all his dreams
That life is never what it seems

Under coloured lights, in doublet and too-tight tights
At this great school on a thousand and one nights

We honour Richard Flynn and his grand view
For us all, forever and ever, anew

And now "Overture, beginners please!" - we begin
In comfort, in Athelstone in The Richard Flynn

And we remember the words of the great poet
With all our hearts, true, we know it

We are such stuff as dreams are made on
Onward, upward, laugh, cry, love....the show goes on.

Written by Peter Goers who was a good friend of the late Richard Flynn.