Friendship Cup

Jun 19, 2014

With the added excitement of the FIFA World Cup, students at Saint Ignatius' College enjoyed a friendly game of soccer with refugee children from the Adelaide Secondary School of English.

In celebration of Refugee Week on Wednesday June 18 the 11th annual Friendship Cup was held at the Saint Ignatius' College Senior School.

Saint Ignatius' College student and game captain, Jesse Richter was grateful for the opportunity to meet new friends and welcome them to the College community.

"It was a good opportunity to play with and meet new members of our Australian community. It was also good to see them in a different light to how the media portray them," Jesse (17) said.

Adelaide United players, Awer Mabil and James Jeggo, along with assistant coach Michael Valkanis, were special guests at the event this year. The soccer stars gave students a pre-game pep talk and cheered them along from the sidelines.

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