2020 Term 1 Week 8

2020 Term 1 Week 8

Tuckshop Term 1

Senior School 

The Senior School Tuckshop, will be closed on Monday 23 March only. Students who are staying at the College will have to bring their own recess and lunch. 

The vending machine will be available.

Due to the restricted regime, we are endeavouring to “run down” our stocks, so that we have available the freshest we can provide. Some items will be out of stock by mid next week.  However, we will endeavour to provide as close to (taking into account dietary requirements) the student's order. We will always provide an item that is of equal, if not more than the ordered item.

We thank all parents, caregivers and students for their ongoing understanding.

Mrs Rosalie Forth
Senior School Tuckshop Manager  

Junior School

Click HERE to view the Term 1 Tuckshop Roster

Please note the Junior School will be closed on Monday 23 March.