2020 Term 2 Week 4

2020 Term 2 Week 4

Student Leadership

On Friday of last week our Student Chapter Representatives for 2020 were formally announced to the school in a virtual ceremony and presented their badges by their home group teacher. Thomas Schell and Irina Bal summarised the position beautifully, saying “This position is one which carries responsibility and opportunity, as you are the voice and representative of your class and expected to lead them with honesty and commitment.” As Fr Hosking was blessing the badges he also acknowledged that the badge our representatives now wear each day is a reminder of the mission which has given to them - to inspire, reassure, heal and serve - and that we as leaders have the perfect example of servant leadership in Jesus Christ to look to for inspiration and guidance.

This week the representatives will begin working their way through their induction program which invites them to consider who they are, why they have been appointed as a representative of their peers, what gifts and graces they have and how they can be used to serve our community. They also have an opportunity to join our Senior Leaders in working as part of our Portfolios of Service, planning, organising and running events and initiatives for our school community.

We wish them well on their journey.

Mr Dillon Mullins
Coordinator of Student Leadership