2019 Term 1 Week 6

2019 Term 1 Week 6

Senior School Sports

Year 12 Physical Education – Kayaking Practical
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Week 5, the Year 12 Physical Education class completed their kayaking practical at Garden Island, engaging with the local wildlife which included a group of ever present, friendly dolphins.

Kayaking is one of three practical activities the students complete through their Stage 2 studies of Physical Education and, together with Touch Football and Korfball, makes up 50% of their overall mark for the subject.

The students not only performed exceptionally well in terms of their individual marks, but demonstrated an ability to work together successfully in pairs and small groups bonding well with each other. This was particularly important given the students needed to rely on one another when capsizing and rescuing each other in deep water.

The feedback from our external instructors was overwhelmingly positive and the students should be congratulated for representing the College in such a wonderful way. Many thanks must go to Mr Kain Noack, Mr Shane O’Brien and Ms Marnie Eddington who gave up their time to come along and assist the class.

Mr Adrian Stenta
Curriculum Coordinator – Personal Development

Above: Year 12 PE class

Above: Ethan Mannix and Charlie Roberts

Above: Neve Ingram and Grace Roberts

Above: Alice Harding and Hannah Clancy

Above: Nat Swan

Above: Emma Gavini

Thomas Mayo has been selected to tour Dubai with the Gillespie Cricket Academy in April 2019.

Congratulations Thomas, we wish you all the best.


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