2019 Term 2 Week 8

2019 Term 2 Week 8

Senior School News

Sir Ken Robinson a creativity expert, famously gave a TED Talk in 2006 called ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ It is one of the 25 most watched TED Talks of all time. In the talk, he proposed that teaching creativity is equally important as teaching literacy. With the changing job landscape, our students need to be prepared for a future that we can’t totally predict. Therefore, creative problem solving is possibly the one of the most important skills we can teach students.

Surprisingly, given all the focus on open plan and collaborative spaces the research shows that to foster creativity and innovation we also need quiet spaces and time to allow the mind time to wander.

Earlier this term we placed a 1000-piece jigsaw in the library to see what would happen. Students from Mr Borgo’s Year 11 English were some of the first students that gravitated to the puzzle, grouping like pieces and starting the outside border of the puzzle. A procession of students individually or in small groups, silently or quietly talking from all year levels added sections to the puzzle. Last week, fittingly students from Mr Borgo’s class completed the puzzle. Frustratingly, three pieces went missing but overall teachers and students alike had only positive feedback about the experience.

Mrs Lucy DePalma
Coordinator of Library and Information Services

Year 11 English students with the completed puzzle
Elina Tanase, Jason Pawelski, Holly Clark, Edward Gilchrist, Rachel Hay