2019 Term 1 Week 4

2019 Term 1 Week 4

Senior School News

Year 7 History - inquiry in action
This term Year 7 History students are investigating Early Man and their migration out of Africa. They will be studying and inquiring about the effects of change on societies, individuals and groups.

Year 7 History teachers have enthusiastically integrated Inquiry Learning into the Year 7 curriculum. This first activity has utilised the students’ love of learning and their natural curiosity to engage them in an ‘archaeological dig’ for Early Man fossils. Each tub was filled with different replica fossils for different periods in human evolution, from Australopithecus to Homo sapiens.

The students are learning about the skills and patience that is required on a dig site, as well as utilising their knowledge and curiosity to make theories about what they might find; and what they did find in their teams. The students will use their measurements, their observations and their research skills to write their own archaeological reports and come to conclusions about the changes that happened to Early Man.

With this Inquiry topic students are learning by ‘doing’, and the students loved getting their hands dirty with history!

“It was great to see the kids physically interacting with the evidence and the inquiry process and just having fun with history.” Ms McClure

“It was great because we were all involved and we had a job to do.” Lucy

 “I loved it because it was very hands on.” Rosie

“Really fun to experience what archaeologists do.” Joshua

“It was interesting, I thought that all the pieces would be together, but they were all broken.” Atem

“It was unique and I had never done this in History before.” Julian

“It was good I thought it was different because it took a while to find the bones.” Ella

Above: 7.5 History class hard at work.

Above: Kulli and Michele excavating their dig.

Above: A group taking measurements for their log books.

Above: Andreas and Nikolay.

Above: Skill demonstration.

Mr Alexander Massy Gartly
Curriculum Co-ordinator of History 7-12

Year 11 Business Innovation - Danielle Seymour Visit

On Friday 15 February, Old Ignatian Danielle Seymour (Class of 2012) gave a passionate talk about her journey since leaving the college.

Danielle is actively involved in the development of South Australia’s innovation ecosystem, working with government, educational institutions, private and public enterprise to raise broader public awareness of the opportunity inherent within the technological era.

Through her social venture company Sidestep Creations, Danielle works with technology incubator The Moonshine Laboratory on the development of several startup companies. She also manages SouthStart, South Australia’s leading entrepreneurial festival. Unite Adelaide, an initiative created to strengthen student mobility into South Australia’s entrepreneurial programs, is another venture Danielle is currently building under Sidestep Creations. Her knowledge of the startup process has been strengthened through her participation in several entrepreneurial programs such as The European Innovation Academy and Venture Dorm, where she has successfully raised investment interest in the startups she has worked on. 
Danielle touched on many of the processes that the Business Innovation students will be embarking on this year as they develop an entrepreneurial mindset while taking an idea from imagination phase to a final pitch to a panel of judges in a venture showcase at the University of Adelaide at the end of Term 2.

Many thanks to Danielle for her time and we look forward to further presentations from her and her business partners in the future.

Mr Antony Bauze
Business Innovation Teacher