2020 Term 1 Week 5

2020 Term 1 Week 5

Senior School News

It was with a great sense of excitement that the Year 7s embarked on three days of activities designed to help them to get to know each other and develop relationships with their peer support leaders and teachers.

On Wednesday, the classes rotated through sessions of Time Management Study Skills led by Elevate Education, kite decorating in preparation for our kite flying competition, Bubble Soccer and Bubble Archery. The Study Skills session was most worthwhile as it gave the students the chance to review their schedules and put plans in place to ensure the rest of the year is as successful as possible.

Thursday morning began with some introductory activities led by the Year 11 Peer Support students in the Dennett Centre. Once they had got to know each other a little, the groups then moved off to different venues around Adelaide for a Challenge Activity where the Year 11s had the chance to support the Year 7s learning. The groups went to Morialta for rockclimbing, the Ninja Base Camp, Scoffed Cooking School, Treeclimb and Cirkidz. All students returned having had a great time learning new skills and interacting with others. The Year 11 Peer Support students were outstanding support people for our young students.

Friday provided an opportunity for the Year 7 cohort to spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere at the Beachouse at Glenelg. Students enjoyed racing down the waterslides, bumping each other on the dodgem cars and playing games in the arcade. It was wonderful to see the Year 7s be such great ambassadors for our College while they were off campus.

Hopefully these activity days allowed all the Year 7s to feel more connected to each other and realise the true meaning of the Ignatian community to which they now belong.

Ms Miriam Doyle
Year 7 Coordinator

Above: Bubble Archery

Above: Ella Sloan

Above: Peer Support activity

Above: Evie Emanuele and Evelyn Vincin-Walker at Scoffed Masterchef challenge

Above: Chalse de la Ruwiere at Cirkidz

Above: Elin Haeney at Treeclimb

Above: Jack Schirripa & Suhas Challa at Ninja Base Camp

Above: Max Floreani and Thomas Klomp with their kites

Above: Kevin Luu’s kite decorated to the Belonging theme