2019 Term 4 Week 8

2019 Term 4 Week 8

Senior School Music News

Instrumental Music Tutor – Retirement

Mr Greg Knight has been a guitar teacher at Saint Ignatius’ College for more than 30 years. Throughout that time, he has taught at both Junior and Senior Schools and has been a valued member of the Instrumental Music programme. Mr Knight has taught hundreds of students in his time at Saint Ignatius’ College and has worked under three different Music Coordinators, worked in programmes with six different classroom music teachers and has taught in three different sites at Athelstone as the Music Department relocated around the campus.

Mr Knight’s vast musical knowledge and expertise will be missed. The Music Department would like to wish Mr Knight all the very best for his retirement.

Mr Aaron Dohse
CoCurricular Music Coordinator

Co-curricular Music Events 2020

Event Date Term/Week Ensembles
College Fair 28 March Term 1 - Week 9 SCB, SSB, BCB, BSB, CC, selected soloists
Music Camp 29 March-31 March Term 1 - Week 10 SCB, SSB, BCB, BSB, CC, SVE, AVE, IO
Generations in Jazz  1 May-3 May Term 2 - Week 1 SSB, BSB, SVE, AVE
Winter Concert 18 June Term 2 - Week 8 Year 8 Band, Year 7 Choir, BCB, BSB, CC, AVE
Patronal Feast Day Mass 31 July Term 3 - Week 2 CC, AVE
Cabaret  7 August  Term 3 - Week 3 TBC
ABODA Band & Orchestra Festival  12 August-14 August Term 3 - Week 4 SCB, BCB, SCP
A Night at the Theatre 15 October Term 4 - Week 1  SCB, BCB, SSB, BSB, CC, SVE, AVE, IO, SCP, GE
Small Ensemble Concert TBA Term 4 BSE, CE, PE, SE, BE
Christmas Concert 2 December Term 4 - Week 8 Year 8 Band, Year 7 Choir, BCB, BSB

Ensemble Legend
SCB = Senior Concert Band
SSB = Senior Stage Band
BCB = Bellarmine Concert Band
BSB = Bellarmine Stage Band
CC = Concert Choir
SVE = Senior Vocal Ensemble
AVE = Arrupe Vocal Ensemble
IO = Ignatius Orchestra
SCP = Senior Chamber Players
BSE = Bellarmine String Ensemble
CE = Cello Ensemble
GE = Guitar Ensemble
PE = Percussion Ensemble
SE = Saxophone Ensemble
BE = Brass Ensemble