2019 Term 1 Week 4

2019 Term 1 Week 4

Senior School Arts and Activities

Senior School Arts and Activities Report

A reminder that all Term 1 cocurricular has begun. Students who are listed down to do an activity this term are reminded that parents are to communicate via email with me or the Teacher in Charge if your child is not going to be present for the rehearsal or meeting.

Please note due to a meeting clash, debating training will commence next week in the Caroline Chisholm building.

We are currently in the planning stages for this year’s major Arts events. The first will be our choirs and ensembles performing at the Family Fun Fair, Saturday 30 March, followed by our annual Cabaret concert 'Come Fly With Me' on Friday 31 May at the John Di Fede Reception Centre. Later in the year we have the Art Show at the Junior School and our major Junior and Senior School concert, the Festival of Arts, at the Adelaide Town Hall. This year is our Theatre Arts year and for something different we will be putting on a small musical production.

Above: 'Come Fly With Me' annual Cabaret, Friday 31 May - more details to come closer to the event.

Please contact me if you require clarification about this year’s Arts and Activities.

Ms Maria Minucci
Director of Arts and Activities

From the Drama Captains

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Drama at Saint Ignatius’ and the new plans being set in motion are definitely worth getting excited about!

Above: 2019 Drama Captains Thomas Sheldon (12.2) and Henny Walters (12.5)

I am Henny Walters, Drama Captain for 2019 , Thomas Sheldon (vice-captain Drama 2019) and I have been whole-heartedly involved in all aspects of the College Arts program since starting at the Senior School, and I know this has enhanced our student experience significantly. As Drama Captains for 2019, we are looking forward to promoting the performing arts, introducing new initiatives, and strengthening connections between senior and middle school years Drama. Through the Saint Ignatius’ Drama program, students are able to develop skills that will enable them to educate the ‘whole person’, build confidence, creativity, public speaking, focus, self-awareness and organisational skills that will aid them in all future career pathways. 

Currently, Year 12 Drama students are working on their Group Presentations. This involves analysing the distinct style of dramatic innovator Tim Burton, creating their own theatrical adaptations in groups, engaging in script-writing, set design, lighting and sound design, costume design and directing. Thomas and I will keep you up to date with what is happening there.

The Year 11 Drama students are also in the middle of developing their Bullying plays, in which students will perform their interpreted scripts they have created to our younger year levels, raising awareness and promoting a positive school environment – focused on the Ignatian ethos of Head, Heart and Hands. 

Also coming up on the calendar is the Theatre Arts program (Term 3), Year 12 final Drama exam productions (Term 3) and also House Performances (Term 2).

We can’t wait for you to see what this year brings for Drama at the College! 

Henny Walters
2019 Drama Captain