2019 Term 1 Week 4

2019 Term 1 Week 4

Photography of Children

We ask that members of our community be considerate when publishing photographs or video footage of other people’s children at College events (such as concerts, swimming and athletics carnivals and cocurricular activities) on publicly accessible media, including their own personal social media accounts.

There are families at the College who have indicated for various reasons, including legal issues, they do not want images of their child/ren published by the College. It is important to be mindful of this and we would appreciate your assistance in providing reassurance to these families.

While many parents are happy to see images of their children appear in the media we must be considerate of those parents who are not comfortable with images of their child/ren being visible outside of their closed social networks.

Where you see images of our students published by the College in various media, a prior check has occurred to ensure that their parents have granted the College permission to use their image.

Thank you for your cooperation.