2019 Term 2 Week 8

2019 Term 2 Week 8

P&F - Parent Reps (Class Events)

Reception Coffee Afternoon
Friday 28 June, 2.00pm

St Louis, 230 The Parade, Norwood


Reception Gold
Talia Lily: talia.lily@live.com.au
Katherine Taylor: kitaylor03@gmail.com

Reception Blue
Kylie Covark: kcovark@gmail.com
Robert Underdown: robert.underdown@advancedoutcomes.com.au

Reception Red
Belinda Seatree: belindaseatree@gmail.com
Sylvia Chiera: sylvia_santoro@hotmail.com

Year 5 Coffee Afternoon
Friday 26 July, 2.00pm

St Louis, 230 The Parade, Norwood

Parent Reps:

Year 5 Red
Georgina Dantalis: georgina@qantumgroup.com.au
Tiffany Prescott: tiffany.j.prescott@gmail.com

Year 5 Gold
Mary-Anne Gunther: mary-anne@intromedia.com.au
Emma Marks: emma@mummediagroup.com.au

Year 5 Blue
Renee Whiteman: renwhiteman@gmail.com
Melissa Britten-Jones: mbritten-jones@bigpond.com

Year 9 Mum's Drinks
Sunday 28th July, 2.00pm

Feather's Hotel, 516 Glynburn Rd, Burnside

Parent Rep:

Lisa Cooksley:  lisa.cooksley@gmail.com  

Photos from the Year 3 Paella Night

Year 3 parents enjoyed a wonderful paella night, kindly hosted by Ben and Sophie Doyle. The event was catered by the Girolamo Family (Festive Catering 0422 895 569) who are parents at the College. 


Photos from the Year 5 Bottle and Plate Evening

The Year 5 parents enjoyed a lovely evening kindly hosted by Bernadine Wee and Sheldon Chong.