2019 Term 2 Week 7

2019 Term 2 Week 7

P&F - Parent Reps (Class Events)

Above: Year 7 new and ‘old’ mums got together at The Alma, Friday 7 June. Thanks all for making the effort and joining us.

Year 2 Family Night
Friday 14 June, 6:00pm

Altavilla Irpina Sports and Social Club
281 The Parade, Norwood


Year 2 Blue
Talia Lily: talia.lily@live.com.au
Jade Foti: jadeerica.foti@gmail.com
Year 2 Gold
Jo White: mcenteej@hotmail.com
Year 2 Red
Judith Oh: judithmoh@hotmail.com

Year 3 Paella Night
Saturday 15 June
Kindly hosted by Ben and Sophie Doyle


Year 3 Gold
Lydia Williams: lydiascott@live.com.au
Lisa Glavas: lglavas@iprimus.com.au
Grace Eliseo: graceeliseo@hotmail.com
Year 3 Red
Clara Huynh: clara.th.huynh@gmail.com
Year 3 Blue
Georgina Dantalis: georgina@qantumgroup.com.au

Year 12 Bottle and Plate
Saturday 15 June

Kindly hosted by Helen and Brendan Devine


Year 12

Megan Leydon: meganleydon@bigpond.com
Tania Barone: tabarone@bigpond.com

Reception Coffee Afternoon
Friday 28 June, 2.00pm

St Louis, 230 The Parade, Norwood


Reception Gold
Talia Lily: 
Katherine Taylor: kitaylor03@gmail.com

Reception Blue
Kylie Covark: kcovark@gmail.com
Robert Underdown: robert.underdown@advancedoutcomes.com.au

Reception Red
Belinda Seatree: belindaseatree@gmail.com
Sylvia Chiera: sylvia_santoro@hotmail.com

Year 5 Coffee Afternoon
Friday 26 July, 2.00pm

St Louis, 230 The Parade, Norwood

Parent Reps:

Year 5 Red
Georgina Dantalis: 
Tiffany Prescott: tiffany.j.prescott@gmail.com

Year 5 Gold
Mary-Anne Gunther: mary-anne@intromedia.com.au
Emma Marks: emma@mummediagroup.com.au

Year 5 Blue
Renee Whiteman: renwhiteman@gmail.com
Melissa Britten-Jones: mbritten-jones@bigpond.com