2020 Term 1 Week 2

2020 Term 1 Week 2

P&F - From the President

Welcome back to the new school year. We hope you all had a wonderful break.

The Parents and Friends Committee have been working hard planning this year’s events.

As always, there is a lot planned and the only way we can ensure the success of these events is with the help of all our volunteers.

We thank everyone who has offered to assist us this year and we look forward to engaging with everyone to help build on the strong sense of community that the college fosters.

Thank you

Nik Villios
President, Parents and Friends Committee 2020

Meet the Committee of 2020

Every week, we’ll profile a different committee member.

Week 1:

Committee Member Name: Nik Villios

Role: President

Child/Children: Levi Villios, Year 7 in 2020

About Nik:

Nik works full time at a business consulting company called Advance as a Sales and Project Manager. Nik mainly looks at business processes and analytical needs and helps business be more efficient.

In terms of hobbies/side projects, there’s a few. Nik has a business where he does cake decorating and another business where he owns and runs a food truck (called The Fat Fork) along with another college parent (Simon Gallo) which caters events and functions.

Nik is also a Justice of the Peace and volunteers his time performing duties at the Attorney General's Department and is in a committee of Justices which help deliver support and training.

As well as actively volunteering at various Parent & Friend run events, Nik decided a couple of years ago that 30 years in the IT industry was enough and is studying part time to complete a law degree. When he has a spare minute, he also likes to work with Levi and a couple of Levi’s friends teaching them electronics and working on soldering some interesting projects together.

P&F Upcoming Events:

28 March – Family Fun Fair, Senior School

8 May – Mother’s Day Long Lunch

15 August – Gala Ball (please note, change of date)

3 November – Melbourne Cup Lunch

Upcoming College Events:

Senior School

Year 9 Information Evening – 19/02

New Parent Welcome – 20/02 (Senior School)

Athletics Carnival – 05/03

Student Free Day – 06/03

Senior Formal - 07/03

Year 8 Camp – 11/03 -13/03

Music Camp – 29/03 – 31/03

Year 9 Canberra Tour – 07/04 – 09/04

Junior School

New Parent Welcome – 20/02 (Senior School)

JS Sports Day (Yr 3 -6) – 05/03 (Senior School)

Student Free Day (Rec -Yr 12) – 06/03

Year 6 Canberra Trip – 10/03 – 13/03

Year 4 Zoo Snooze – 24/03 (#1), 25/03 (#2), 26/03 (#3)

Parent/Teacher Interviews – 30/03 – 03/04

Junior School Sports Day (Rec – Yr 2) – 03/04


Madhavi Nawana Parker Presentation for IEY Parents – 11/02

Friendship Week – 16/03 – 20/03

Henny Penny Arrives – 23/03

Little Sprouts & Botanic Garden Excursion (4 yr olds) – 24/03

Transition for children starting in Terms 2 - 06/04