2020 Term 1 Week 6

2020 Term 1 Week 6

Parent Teacher Nights

At Saint Ignatius' College there are formal Parent Teacher Nights (PTNs) conducted for each year level once a year. The dates are indicated below with three nights being held this term, and the other three occurring early in Term 2.

The interviews commence at 4.00pm and conclude at approximately 8.30pm with a forty-five minute dinner break at approximately 5.45pm. 

Term One



Year 7 PTN

Week 8

Tuesday 17 March in the Kranewitter Hall

Year 10 PTN

Week 9

Thursday 26 March in the Kranewitter Hall

Year 12 PTN

Week 10

Wednesday 1 April in the Kranewitter Hall

Term Two



Year 11 PTN

Week 2

Thursday 7 May in the Kranewitter Hall

Year 8 PTN

Week 3

Wednesday 13 May in the Kranewitter Hall

Year 9 PTN

Week 4

Thursday 21 May in the Kranewitter Hall

Parents/caregivers will receive, via email, interview booking details from the College approximately 2 weeks before the PTN. Parents/caregivers may choose, in priority order, up to a maximum of 5 interviews. Choosing more than 5 interviews may affect your preferences. Please keep a look out for this correspondence and should it not appear in your inbox contact Mrs Kelly Ramsay (k.ramsay@ignatius.sa.edu.au).

The PTN’s are a wonderful opportunity for parents/caregivers to meet the subject teachers and discuss their child’s learning progress. Parents/caregivers are also reminded that they may contact individual subject teachers at any time during the school year if they have any concerns about their child’s learning. Students in Years 9 to 12 are expected to attend the interviews with their parents/caregivers in correct College uniform.