2019 Term 1 Week 5

2019 Term 1 Week 5

Language Tutors

For Term One, the following tutors have been engaged to assist on a regular basis with Language students who need help with assignments or some oral practice:

Mondays 3:00-4:00pm: Gio Raimondo – Chinese
Thursdays 3:45pm-4:50pm: Alexia Surace – Italian (absent Thursday 28 February)

It is hopeful that the provision of these services will be greatly beneficial to our Language students. All students are welcome, from Year 7-11. Watch the Daily Bulletin for details about venue – usually at the Library or Homework Club.

If you have any queries about this program, please contact me at: v.thurston@ignatius.sa.edu.au

Ms Vania Thurston
Faculty Leader – English and LOTE