2020 Term 1 Week 7

2020 Term 1 Week 7

Junior School Sports

Junior School - House Athletics Carnival 2020

The Junior School House Athletics Carnival was held on Thursday 5 March with students being met with perfect conditions at the Senior School Campus. There was a real carnival atmosphere as students descended on Bourke Oval. You could feel the excitement build on what is a very thrilling day. It was great to see the house spirit on display with students taking the time to wear their house colours and decorate their house area. As with the previous two years, the Senior School held their athletics carnival simultaneously, allowing for cross campus integration and even larger house support. This proved to be a great formula, allowing family and friends the opportunity to drift between the two events. It was evident that all students showed great competiveness and put in a huge effort, whilst still displaying sportsmanship and the Ignatian spirit.

The final two events for the Junior School were the combined relay with the Senior School and the Student vs Teacher Tug of War. Each house selected a boy and girl from Year 3 right through to Year 12. With all Junior and Senior School students keenly observing the race, the atmosphere was electrifying due to the deafening cheering. The teachers were looking for redemption in the Tug of War as they had been comprehensively beaten the previous year. Everything seemed to be going to plan as the teachers had the early momentum before Father Hosking stepped in to help the students which proved to be the difference as the students claimed back to back victories. 

Campion entered the day as strong favourites as they had won the previous five Athletics Carnivals. Over the course of the day Campion lead from start to finish which was a great all-round house effort and they were deserved winners. A huge amount of work goes into the planning and running of these events and I would like to thank not only the Junior School staff but also the Senior School staff for their efforts on the day and in the lead up. The Parents and Friends committee also did a fantastic job with the cake stall and sausage sizzle.  

Final Results

Campion – 1142
Xavier – 898
Kostka – 853
Regis – 852

Above: Father Hosking, Oliver Schirripa, Assisi Grida, Alegra Greene

Above: Emma Lum, Amelia Eddington

Above: Jack Lascala, Joshua Kavanagh, Ben Pattison, Ben Ryan, Isabelle Cherry

Mr Lachlan Bartlett
Co-Curricular Coordinator