2019 Term 2 Week 4

2019 Term 2 Week 4

Junior School News

Year 6 Chinatown, 2019

In Week 3, Year 6 students visited Chinatown Adelaide to further experience the multicultural communities in Adelaide as part of language learning. Students participated in a few activities, such as counting bubble tea shops and different cultures, finding missing Chinese characters and checking prices in Asian grocery shops. This visit allowed students to cruise around Chinatown and talk with local business owners of different cultural background. Students then had lunch at Ding Hao Restaurant, where they sat at round tables and enjoyed authentic Yum-Cha-style food, which is a cuisine from South China.

Above: Kiara Matkovic, Emma Palumbo and Zara Rboub talking with a store owner in Central Market.

Above: Levi Villios, Lewis Trimboli, Oliver Gallo and Keenan McCormick enjoying some Chinese food at Ding Hao Restaurant.

Year 6 Parliament House, 2019

In Week 3, as part of their learning of Civics and Citizenships, all Year 6 students went on a tour of Parliament House, South Australia. Led by a member from Steven Marshall’s office, students entered The Legislative Council as well as The House of Assembly, where most were fortunate enough to experience Question Time and watch different members of parliament engage in some vigorous debates on variety local issues. Although we sat for nearly ½ hour, many students were disappointed in having to leave, testimony to the interest and engagement they showed towards this timely topic.

Above: Premier, Steven Marshall, guiding 6 Red students on a tour of Parliament House.

Above: Students from 6 Blue sitting on the steps outside of Parliament House.

Mr Michael Paay
Year 6 Teacher