2020 Term 1 Week 5

2020 Term 1 Week 5

Junior School News

Year 3 Chinese Dragon Dance

Recently in Chinese, Year 3 students have been learning about the traditional ways in which the Chinese herald the new year. To enhance the student’s ability to connect with and understand the topic, we invited a professional dragon dancer to visit our school. The dragon dancer shared many of the reasons for which Chinese people do the dragon dance during the celebration of the spring festival. He also taught us a highly engaging story regarding Chinese zodiac signs. We enjoyed performing the dragon dance as a team. Afterwards, we explored the lion dance and the fan dance, and students worked collaboratively to perform the whole choreography in time with festive Chinese music at the end.

Above: Year 3 Blue enjoying dragon dance with Chinese music (from left to right): Max Faraone, Agam Holait, Leo Czchowicz, Sebastian Cherry, Xavier Ritchie, Adam Szabo, Olivia Wang, and Johnny Li

Above: (from left to right) Violet Colgrave, Billy White, Eli Ravalico, Maya Valana and Amiya Mifsud