2019 Term 4 Week 8

2019 Term 4 Week 8

Junior School News

Chinese Awards Night

On Friday 29 November 2019, Sabina Strojek from 6 Blue, Zoe Yang, Lily Hombsch and Camille Britten-Jones from 5 Blue, and Isaiah Goh, Joshua Gibbens and Nicholas Jeffreson from 5 Red attended Chinese Language Awards Ceremony at Elder Hall, The University of Adelaide. We congratulate Sabina, who demonstrated strong academic commitment and cultural understanding in Chinese, for receiving Chinese Language Award SA 2019. We are also proud that Zoe, Lily and Camille won the first prize of the Chinese Video Competition with the entry Mysterious Snake, Isaiah, Joshua and Nicholas won the second prize for their entry Jin News. The journey of language learning at Junior School has concluded with a fruitful harvest for 2019.

Robbin Wang
Teacher of Chinese

Above: Mr Robbin Wang and Sabina Strojek

Above: Camille Britten-Jones, Lily Hombsch, Zoe Yang

Above: Back Row: Camille Britten-Jones, Lily Hombsch, Zoe Yang. Front Row: Nicholas Jeffreson, Joshua Gibbens, Isaiah Goh

STEM - Reception

In STEM lessons our Reception students constructed a robot and maze out of Lego and recorded the steps required for the robot to successfully navigate the maze. They were learning about order, direction and sequencing as part of a coding unplugged activity.

Mrs Tracey Gleeson
STEM Teacher

Above: Michael Covark and Ava Stenta of Reception Blue

Above: Patrick Mazzone and Zali Jackson of Reception Blue

Above: Avia Czechura and Kingston Vu of Reception Blue

Above: Joshua Bruno and Thomas Castello of Reception Blue

Above: Violette Piscioneri and Nathan Murawala of Reception Gold

Above: Iverson Fah and Benjamin Taylor of Reception Gold

Above: Olivia Cotton and Alexander Wu of Reception Gold

Above: Henry Willoughby and Alexia Papatraianou of Reception Gold

Above: Sophie Kane and Alessandro Iadanza of Reception Red

Above: Noah Jnguyenphamhh and Sebastian Dreimanis of Reception Red

Above: Rihanna Rabbah and Antonio Chiera of Reception Red

Above: Oscar Allen and Sylvie Fallo of Reception Red