2019 Term 4 Week 8

2019 Term 4 Week 8

Ignatian Virtues Design Challenge

This term in Design, the Year 7, 9 and 10 classes were involved in the Ignatian Virtues Design Challenge. There were many outstanding posters across all year levels and all participants are to be commended on their efforts.

We would like to congratulate the following class and overall year level winners on their fine achievements.

Mrs Liz Wedge
Curriculum Coordinator Art & Design

Year 7 Design – Class winners of Canteen Vouchers:

Year 7.7 Design (Mrs Serwan’s Class)

Above: Collaborative work – Alyssa Oh, Elizabeth Nguyen and Alyssa Sodano

Year 7.5 Design (Ms Minucci’s Class)

Above: Keira Williams

Year 7.4 Design (Ms Wedge’s Class)

Above: Alessia Sabatino

Year 7.6  Design (Ms Wedge’s Class)

Above: Kayla Symonds

Year 9 Design – Class winners of Canteen Vouchers:

Ms Minucci’s Year 9.4 Design

Monique Caston (image unavailable)

Mrs Serwans’ Year 9.3 Design

Above: Anh Nguyen

Year 10 Design – Class winner of Canteen Vouchers:

Mrs Barry’s Year 10.2 Design

Above: Max Busanto

Year Level Prize Winners receiving gift cards:

Above: Year 7 – Kayla Symons

Above: Year 9 – Lauren Bergamin

Above: Year 10 - Luke Ciccozzi