2020 Term 1 Week 3

2020 Term 1 Week 3

House Swimming Carnival


Xavier 1989 - Regis 1757 - Campion 1680 - Kostka 1619

Once again, the Senior School House Competition started in an energetic manner, with the House Swimming Carnival on Friday 7 February at Payneham Pool.

The events started early with students competing in the 100m Freestyle and the 50m Butterfly. There were some impressive displays of swimming by our club level swimmers and great participation levels by other house members.

As the day of events progressed, it was obvious that all students were keen to be involved in helping their house accumulate points; whether that was through the 25m Run/Swim event, the Novelty Volleyball Competition or the more serious 50m events. The relays were a highlight of the day as always with almost the whole Senior School lining the pool to cheer on their team-mates. Xavier’s strong participation and performance levels were noticeable all day and as a result they were awarded the House Swimming Trophy at the end of the day.

It was wonderful to see the spirit of each house on display through their themed tents and costumes. The themes of Regis Rewind, Campion Cowboys, Xavier Xtraterrestial and Kostka Kahuna allowed each house captain to be creative with decorations and costumes throughout the day. Congratulations to Kostka House for being awarded the House Spirit Cup for the day due to their support of each other throughout the competition, chanting and themed tent. Congratulations to all the House Captains, James Perrotta, Lachlan Boots, Emily Washer, Liam Cates and who were inspiring leaders for their houses.

There were a number of performances recognised at the end of the day:

House Spirit Medals

Kostka – Kiet Tran

Regis – Tom Roberts

Campion – Alana De Rosa

Xavier – Alex Burgess

Year Level Champion Medals

Year 7 Boys – Alex Kalleske – broke Yr 7 100m Freestyle record

Year 7 Girls – Juliet Mazur – broke Yr 7 100m Freestyle, Yr 7 50m Butterfly records

Year 8 Boys – Ethan Leung – broke Yr 8 50m Butterfly record

Year 8 Girls – Chloe Healy – broke Yr 8 100m Freestyle records

Year 9 Boys – Brae Rawnsley – broke Yr 9 100m Freestyle, Yr 9 50m Butterfly records

Year 9 Girls – Isabella Sedgmen – broke Yr 9 100m Freestyle, Yr 9 50m Butterfly, YR 9 50m Breaststroke records

Year 10 Boys – Alex Dry – broke Yr 10 100m Freestyle, Yr 10 50m Butterfly records

Year 10 Girls – Sophie Healy – broke Yr 10 100m Freestyle, Yr 10 50m Butterfly, Yr 10 50m Freestyle, Yr 10 50m Breaststroke records

Year 11 Boys – Lucas Bradley – broke Yr 11 100m Freestyle, Yr 11 50m Butterfly records

Year 11 Girls – Sophie Kelly – broke Yr 11 100m Freestyle, Yr 11 50m Butterfly records

Year 12 Boys – Liam Cates & Tom Roberts

Year 12 Girls – Tahlia Scipioni

Above: Liam Cates receiving the House Spirit Cup from Principal Peter Coffey

Above: James Perrotta receiving the House Swimming Carnival Trophy from Principal Peter Coffey

Above: Relay time

Ms Miriam Doyle
Year 7 Coordinator
Kostka House Mentor

Below: Images from the House Swimming Carnival