2019 Term 2 Week 7

2019 Term 2 Week 7

From the Students (Senior School)

Term 2 has been another busy term for the Liturgy group, with the Campion House Mass, Reconciliation Week Mass, Pentecost Mass, chapel services and more! Here are some of the highlights of our term:

The Mission Fete liturgy set the tone for the day and allowed us to think about how radically different the lives we are privileged to lead in Australia can be to those of students at our sister school, Loyola College, in Timor-Leste. Statistics are important, however they don’t allow us to think about the people behind these numbers – this was the focus for our liturgy, as we began with a visual representation of how much of our school community really would be affected by poverty. This theme of ‘people, not numbers’ continued with heartfelt reflections presented by participants from the College’s four immersions: Tom Daw on Jarrumwani, Sophie Beard on Vietnam and Cambodia, Mr Andrew Dodson on India and Grace Parletta on Timor-Leste. It’s so easy to think of ourselves as the ones giving to the people we meet on immersions, when really, it is usually the opposite – this was one of the greatest lessons that we learnt from these reflections.

Celebrations of Reconciliation Week at the College began with chapel services presented by Cedric Varcoe, of the Ngarrindjeri and Narangga language groups. We were lucky enough to not only be shown some of his paintings but listen to Cedric tell us the stories behind them, and the role they play in the preservation of his culture and family. For our Reconciliation Week mass, we had the privilege of listening to Kaurna elder John Lochowiak talk about his spirituality and perform a traditional smoking ceremony for us.

The theme for our Pentecost mass was ‘A Universal Spirit’, focusing on how God’s message, no matter what language it may be spoken in, or what form it may take, is universal. Thank you to all of our volunteers, particularly those who read the Prayers of the Faithful in Latin, Italian, Chinese, French and Indonesian, symbolising the universality of the Word of God. For a mass rooted in cultures of the world, who better to give the gospel reflection than the dynamic duo of Mr Boria and Ms Pilla, who between them, share more languages than we can count. Their reflection was thought-provoking, and students got almost as much enjoyment as Mr Boria got from weaving some of his beloved Latin into his gospel reflection.

Finally, chapel for the Year 11s and 12s took a new direction this week, as we introduced our new initiative, Questions of Faith. Recently, students were given the opportunity in their Religion lessons to submit a question – whether it be of a religious, spiritual or moral manner – to be discussed at our chapel service, by a panel of our youth ministers Katie and Grace, and Father Hosking. The nature of this service was not to tell us how to think – rather to incite us to contemplate these topics and discern our own opinions for ourselves. We hope that this initiative helps to facilitate this, and we encourage all senior students to submit questions for discussion to our campus ministry or directly to Father Hosking.

Term 2 is far from over! We especially look forward to working alongside Social Justice to deliver a refugee reflection in The Cage, as well as our Mass of the Sacred Heart in week 9.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us this year so far, particularly all of our mass and chapel volunteers, altar servers and Eucharistic ministers – your help is very much appreciated!

Emily Flaherty, Liturgy Captain
On behalf of the Liturgy Group