2019 Term 2 Week 5

2019 Term 2 Week 5

From the Students (Senior School)

On Friday 24 May, the Senior School had their annual Mission Fete Day. Our focus for the day was serving, supporting and connecting with our international Jesuit community through Jesuit Missions Australia. Jesuit Missions works with overseas communities experiencing hardship, advocating for and encouraging cultural awareness and fundraising. Our focus this year was raising funds for education and resources in Timor Leste, supporting our brothers and sisters who live on the margins of society. One of the most astounding statistics we were presented with is 42% of children aged 15 and over do not have basic literacy skills in Timor Leste. Therefore, together, the Ignatian Mission and Service Portfolio, along with the Social Justice and Liturgy groups worked to involve all year levels through interactive activities in both the Liturgy and Fete, encouraging everyone to actively understand their role in service, and specifically, where the money was being donated. We are happy to announce that over $11,550 was raised to support Jesuit Mission projects in Timor Leste. Jesuit Missions is a group dedicated to the service of others, to ensure ‘faith, justice and reconciliation for a full and free life.’ They support many global communities and encourage schools, such as our own, to serve and give generously.

The Mission Day festivities began with a liturgy in the Dennett Centre. This liturgy gave students a chance to realise how privileged we all are, and the ways in which we can make a difference in the wider global community. Reflections were provided by students and staff about their experiences on College immersions. Tom Daw, Sophie Beard, Grace Parletta and Mr. Dodson were all able to reflect on their experiences and took the chance to thank some of those people who had the biggest impact on them during their journeys. Students were also told during these reflections that many of the actions which have the biggest impacts are things which we can all do in our everyday lives, like holding the door for someone, or simply giving them a compliment. These actions also may have a bigger impact on others than we realise at the time.

This year during the day, we had a stall decoration contest, with an international theme to suit the message of the day. The winning stall was the Irish-themed ‘Chippery’ run by two of the Year 9 home groups. Another addition to Mission Fete Day this year was the Immersion Walk. This Immersion Walk had stalls run by groups who have attended the College’s immersions, and contained information about these immersions to anyone interested. This was a fantastic opportunity for potential future attendees to gain an understanding of what happens during immersions, and a chance for those who went on immersions to relive and reminisce on their experiences.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping make Mission Fete such a big success and for the students and stuff who embraced the spirit of the day and were eager to be involved!