2020 Term 1 Week 7

2020 Term 1 Week 7

From the Rector

Friendship Week will be held at the Junior School next week. This builds on the Friendology program to understand and appreciate friendships and to develop and maintain positive relationships. As part of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence in both the Junior and Senior schools, there will be awareness raising against unkind behaviours whether these be online, verbal, or physical bullying or exclusion. Everyone has the right to feel known, loved, and affirmed, and we all have the responsibility to take action to ensure others feel safe, accepted, and valued.

Mr Coffey presented Damon Gameau (Old Ignatian 1993) with a College Blue this week. Since leaving school, Damon has achieved much in the entertainment industry. He has had roles in film and television, but it has been in filmmaking that he has found his passion. Becoming a parent inspired him to make 2040, a film about sustainability and using good solutions to guarantee a better future for generations to come.

Damon spoke to our Year 10s and 12s this week. He credited his Jesuit education with helping him learn about empathy. He began his presentation to the senior students with a quote from the Welsh novelist Raymond Williams: “Make hope possible rather than despair convincing.” He produced 2040 to show people “what it could look like on the other side of the crisis … I'd like it to be human instinct to look after the world and care for each other … The greatest threat to the planet is a belief that someone else will fix it.” In an era where much of the media is alarmist, Damon’s message of learning resourcefulness rather than helplessness was encouraging.

As we track the Coronavirus information, it is important to monitor the best advice and make good decisions to keep yourself and your family safe and well. The College has several groups working on our responses in different areas. Mr Coffey has sent some recent updates about hygiene, learning and teaching continuity, events, and travel. It is a fluid situation and we encourage families to keep in contact with the health updates at SA Health and the travel information from smartraveller. It is a rapidly changing environment, which will have significant impacts on families, schools, and workplaces. We pray that together we can cooperate well to mitigate the risks ahead as well as we can.

OREMUS (Let us pray)

We remember all in our College community. May our prayers comfort those suffering at this time. May God’s blessing be a source of support in their sorrow and loss, and bring courage, patience, and hope.

“Ask and you shall receive … knock and the door will be opened unto you.”  (Matt 7:7)

If you would like someone to be remembered by the College community in prayer (even anonymously), please provide details to the Rector, class or Home Group Teacher, or Year Coordinator.