2018 Term 4 Week 4

2018 Term 4 Week 4

From the Principal

On the weekend, I noticed for the first time that Christmas decorations had appeared in some shopping centres. Initially I was somewhat annoyed as I thought that there are still more than seven weeks until Christmas and that this unashamed grab for the consumers’ dollar was pretty manipulative. As I walked a bit further though, I decided to change my mind (and my approach) and determined that this early start to the Christmas season would provide me with opportunities to consciously make Christ more present in my day. Rather than see decorations and think, ‘I’m being manipulated by a terribly cynical secular society,’ I could choose to reflect on a mantra of ‘the celebration of Christ’s birth is coming and I hope to prepare for that in a meaningful way’.

The season of Advent is still some weeks away, and for us as a Catholic school there is much to look forward to during this period. I know students (and probably some staff!) are already anticipating the Christmas holidays, but I hope that our focus on the sacrament of the present moment remains first and foremost in our thinking.

On Speech Day the following student leadership positions for 2019 were announced:

College Captain: Francesca Cehic
College Captain: Leo James

College Vice-captains and Captains of House
Campion: Nathanael Swan
Kostka: Ashlee Leach
Regis: Jemima Leydon
Xavier: Jemma Valente

College Vice-captains and Captains of Liturgy and Social Justice
Liturgy: Emily Flaherty
Social Justice: Grace Parletta

Senior Leaders
Nicholas Adams, Phoebe Baily, Sophie Beard, Antony Cameron, Chloe Colgrave, Thomas Daw, Ethan Mannix, Grace Roberts, James Sexton, Tom Sheldon, Alana Stone, Elizabeth Taddeo, Chelsea Wilkinson

Captain of Music: Grace Sexton
Vice-captains of Music: Trishna Menon, Suzie Shimamoto

Captain of Drama: Henny Walters
Vice-captain of Drama: Tom Sheldon

I am sure all in our community join with me in wishing these leaders well in their new roles.

Deo Gloria

Mr Peter Coffey

Speech Day 2018 photos below: