2019 Term 2 Week 7

2019 Term 2 Week 7

From the Principal

The Queen’s Birthday public holiday acts for me as a kind of signpost that the last part of Term 2 is about to rapidly ‘take off’ – a metaphorical deep breath if you will, before plunging into the delightful busyness at the end of the term.

There are examination programs, work experience, Caroline Chisholm community service, Refugee Week activities, Gender Education and Wellbeing days, Junior School Grandparents Morning, and IEY Graduation among the many things to look forward to. And realistically, there are many other concerts, assemblies, masses, and so on, that I could have specifically referred to as well.

In all of this activity though, there is a structured and purposeful organisation at work. At every level, careful consideration is given to the timing of these events and to the order in which they occur.

I think that the next three weeks provide a perfect snapshot into what makes community life at the College so meaningful. Amongst the daily lessons, homework, assignments, and tests, there are, as referred to above, a range of other events and activities that are very important in the formation of our students.

Our Ignatian focus on formation is at the heart of what makes this college unique, and this formation requires a holistic approach that gives our boys and girls, our young women and men, opportunities to flourish in all manner of circumstances and situations. In addition, it is also a fundamental truth to recognise that a narrow view of education occurring only in a classroom setting is unhelpful and unrealistic.

I think that the next three weeks are amongst the most life-giving in the year, and with our long weekend now behind us, I very much look forward to them.

Of course, beyond my Saint Ignatius view, the Queen’s Birthday is also associated with the awarding of honours for outstanding service in all manner of fields, and as a nation, we celebrate the contribution of these individuals.

This year I was particularly happy as my classmate from 1978, John Scanlon, was awarded an Officer of the Order of Australia for “… distinguished service to wildlife conservation and protection through roles with international organisations …”, and we offer our sincere congratulations to him on this achievement.

Above: L-R John Scanlon (OI '78) with Principal, Peter Coffey

Whilst John now lives overseas in Geneva with his family, he still takes a keen interest in the College, and his younger sister, Kristina Manson, is a key member of staff at the IEY.

Forty years after we concluded our schooling together, and living on opposite sides of the globe, I still view John as one of my closest lifelong friends, and I would like to believe that his desire to make our world a better place was nurtured not only in his family, but also here, at the College. I have this same hope for our current students and families.

Deo Gloria

Mr Peter Coffey