2019 Term 2 Week 4

2019 Term 2 Week 4

From the Principal

I suspect that many in our community are somewhat relieved that the federal election is now behind us. The past five weeks have seen us bombarded with all manner of political messages, and some may have wished for a less intrusive campaign.

Whatever of that, and whether we are happy or unhappy with the outcome, I do think we are incredibly fortunate to live in the stable democracy that we do. I feel a bit sad that some view voting as a chore, where in other places in the world it is a precious responsibility.

I suppose in our modern context, we have never had to struggle for the right to vote and, as a consequence, we may take our freedoms for granted. The people of Venezuela, once the richest country on its continent, are experiencing the opposite of our peaceful process and respect for the rule of law, and may well view us as a model of how democracy is supposed to work.

During our campaign, I was also cognisant of the fact that Indonesia held the biggest single-day free election in history – peacefully and effectively, but with a tragic postscript of around 250 fatalities amongst its electoral workers due to the stress of their work. More recently, the violent protests at the announced result have undermined some of what had been achieved. India is also concluding a seven-week undertaking for its enormous population, and so relatively speaking, our circumstance is straightforward!

Finally, here in Australia we may also observe from a safe distance the machinations of US democracy where the next Presidential election is not scheduled until November 2020, yet there are already more than 20 candidates for the Democratic nomination, and the campaigning for this election will continue on and off for the next 18 months.

I think we are indeed a ‘lucky country’!

Completely unrelated to this, there are a couple of other happenings that I wish to draw attention to.

On Tuesday night, the College Foundation Board held their AGM at the Senior School and determined the composition of their Board for the coming year. Jay McGrath will continue her work as Chair, along with David Prescott (Deputy Chair), Susan Dodson, Craig Whiteman, Michael Ryan, Peter Britten-Jones and Chris Sexton. We are very grateful for their generous support of our community.

I often refer to the fact that we build on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, and this group, in particular, provide clear evidence of this as they seek to raise funds to support the College’s bursary and building programs. Their work is vital in our community, and I am most thankful.

Lastly, tonight and on Sunday afternoon, many of our Year 4 students will complete their sacraments of initiation by receiving Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Our Acting Religion Education Coordinator at the Junior School, Mrs Amanda Landolfi, has worked closely with our students, with great support from the other Year 4 teachers, Ms Emma Ashworth, Mrs Georgia Kassara, and Mr Adam Alessandrini to prepare our children for these sacraments.

Our faith in receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Eucharist for the first time as a full participant in the mass is something to be joyfully celebrated, and I pray for our boys and girls as they continue their faith journey with their families and us.

Deo Gloria

Mr Peter Coffey