2020 Term 1 Week 8

2020 Term 1 Week 8

From the Parents & Friends

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

As we are all facing a changing social landscape, it is important to ensure we all monitor and follow the direction and communications from the College.

Parents and Friends events for this year have all been cancelled or postponed, including the Family Fun Fair, Gala Ball, Mother’s Day Luncheon and Melbourne Cup Luncheon amongst many others.

It is also important for the time being, that we do let you know, that the Parent Representatives have been advised not to promote or coordinate class gatherings like coffee mornings and bottle and plate nights, as community wellbeing will be the main focus.

As a Committee, we met Wednesday night to discuss how we can adapt and continue to engage with all parents to ensure we build on this strong sense of community that the College fosters. There are a few initiatives we are looking at, but as always we welcome any feedback or suggestions from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address below with your feedback.

As we have highlighted in our Facebook posts, the Raffle that was due to be drawn at the Fair is still continuing. Please ensure you complete your raffle books and return to the College as soon as possible. If anyone needs additional books, again, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the convenors of the Family Fun Fair - Tania Barone and Susan Dodson. Their tireless work to date has not gone unappreciated. Even though the Fair is not going ahead this year, they have worked extremely hard coordinating everything and were very flexible and accommodating when the decision to cancel the Fair was made.

I’d like to thank Susan for all her hard work and commitment over the years in convening the Fair. This year was to be her last as a Fair convenor as her daughter Anna is in Year 12. Susan is definitely leaving the event in a much stronger position through all her involvement.

Thank you to families who donated items for the Fair. All the items have been placed into storage for the time being. The Committee is looking at hosting an online Silent Auction in the near future for all the items that were donated for the Silent Auction. We will keep you posted when more details come to hand.

Thank you
Nik Villios
President, Parents and Friends Committee 2020


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Meet the Committee of 2020

Committee Member Name: Genevieve Lyall

Role: Secretary

Children: Ned Yr 7, Harvey Yr 11 and Max who finished in 2018

About Genevieve:

Gen joined the Parents and Friends Committee in 2019 and this year took on the role of Secretary. She has had many fun years volunteering at the College in different capacities. In 2007 along with two other parents, the Saint Ignatius cookbook “Feast” was launched after many months of collating recipes, editing and designing. It was a busy time - with Ned being born the day the book went to print!

Helping to convene the Lolly Stall at the Fair and a few Melbourne Cup lunches, Gen has relished the friendships that she has made throughout her years as being a parent at the school. “Getting involved is the best way to meet new people and bond with others. It also gives you an understanding of the Ignatian values and teachings that our children are learning.”

In her work life, Gen has experience in reception/office administration and has recently moved from the catering industry to the health sector. She is enjoying the change of pace and the chance to interact with clients. She also volunteers for Meals on Wheels and has interests that include gardening, reading, tennis, skiing and trying to play golf (it’s very trying!)

Gen and her husband Peter have had a fabulous time over the years being involved in the school and feel blessed to be surrounded by such a welcoming community. Whether its volunteering at the fair, hosting a bottle and plate night (the easiest entertaining you will ever do – no catering!) or just being at sport on Saturday mornings - having the chance to meet old and new friends is an opportunity not to be missed. She looks forward to many more years of fun and friendship.