2020 Term 2 Week 2

2020 Term 2 Week 2

From the Parents & Friends

Dear Parents & Caregivers

On Wednesday night (6 May) we recommenced our P&F Committee meetings for Term 2, in an online format which worked well and went quite smoothly. 

The Committee’s focus for 2020 has shifted from organising fundraising and friend-raising events to working on connecting the community better and supporting the families of the College. With that said, some new initiatives are being rolled out with success and others will begin soon.

Closed Facebook Pages
All year levels should now have access to a year level closed Facebook page which is designed for parents and caregivers to connect with one another and to also offer assistance and support.

We are also looking at providing more content to be shared online, so please ensure you engage and post in your year level’s page.

For more information, please contact the Parent Rep Coordinators – Grace Eliseo (Junior School) and Simone Hansch-Maher (Senior School).

Highlighting Businesses
The Committee will also be looking at promoting family businesses on a regular basis. If you have a business you wish to promote, please get in touch with the coordinators, Kathy Rboub (Senior School families) and Belinda Seatree (Junior School families).

We look forward to connecting with everyone more over the coming weeks.

Thank you,
Nik Villios
President, Parents and Friends Committee 2020

Email: pandf@ignatius.sa.edu.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParentsAndFriendsCommittee

Meet the P&F Committee of 2020

Kathy Zollo-Rboub

Role:  Member to the P&F, Commenced 2011
Children: Yasmine - Year 10 and Zara - Year 7

Kathy eagerly joined the P&F when her oldest daughter Yasmine was in Year 1 at the Junior School. She thought it would be a great way to meet new people in the school, little did she know that some of these people would end up being some of her closest friends. 

On many occasions, Kathy has been part of and convened many events over the last 9 years. One of the most memorable was the 2015 Art Show when she had to paint walls – this was obviously done with lots of laughter and lots of mess. 

Her husband Soufiane, who works with International Students at Adelaide University convened the first Moroccan Food stall at the Fair many years ago, which was very successful. Working at the school Fair is something that the pair have done most years. 

What she enjoys most about being a member is the opportunity to help others in the community. On many occasions she has arranged for catch ups when new children join the school. Kathy’s hope is that her children grow up to be Ignatian people, respecting everyone regardless of their race, religion and background. 

Kathy has been in the Travel Industry for her whole adult life. She has worked for travel agents, wholesalers, airlines and now works for Cruise and Maritime Voyages. There have been many challenges in her career, however none as drastic and devastating as COVID 19. Watching so many of her colleagues lose their job has been devastating. Naturally Kathy is worried about the future of travel, especially cruising, however, knows that many others are worse off than she is, and stays optimistic about the future. 

Kathy loves being in the kitchen, however, having a husband that owned a restaurant and is an excellent cook can be hard. She openly admits that there are many fails in the kitchen, but that will not stop her from trying. 

Kathy, Soufiane and children feel blessed to be part of the Ignatian community and look forward to more fun times ahead.