2020 Term 1 Week 10

2020 Term 1 Week 10

From the Parents and Friends

Dear Parents & Caregivers

Last week, the Parents and Friends Committee wanted to show the community’s appreciation to the College staff for all the support, dedication and care they’ve given to our children in these unsettling times.

Megan Leydon (P&F Vice President, Senior School) had suggested we send something for their morning tea and Yvonne Karapetis kindly baked and donated some biscuits for us. I took over the kitchen at home and decorated them to take to the College on Tuesday for the staff to enjoy. We wanted to thank the staff for all that they are doing. Having an insight into the online learning and resources available to our children certainly gives us a better appreciation of the hard work they all do.

On Tuesday we also drew the raffle which was to be drawn at the Family Fun Fair. I’d like to congratulate the following winners.
1st Prize: Amelia Gargiulo
2nd Prize: Alek Strojeck
3rd Prize: Jon Davis
4th Prize: Eddie Debenham
5th Prize: Dean Burgess
6th Prize: Margaret De Pasquale

Thank you

Nik Villios
President, Parents and Friends Committee 2020


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Meet the Committee of 2020

Committee Member Name: Ivanka Ricciardelli aka Alessia (Year 9) and Mia’s (Year 5) mum.

Role: Committee Member

About Ivanka:

Ivanka and her husband Angelo expressed an interest in an education at Saint Ignatius shortly after the birth of their first daughter in 2005. Like many decisions they informed themselves and then signed on the dotted line. Fortunately, to be later accepted as one of the first of many families to be welcomed into the IEY in 2009.

Aware of the P&F and its contributions over the years, Ivanka initially sought out the assistance of the P&F in July 2019 as a means to show her support for the Adaptive Education Department (Inclusive Ed), which continues to play a significant role in her family’s life.

Familiar with the daily struggles of some children to reach their full potential at school due to emotional/cognitive/behavioural and physical challenges it was important to show her gratitude for the service they provide.

What she found in the P&F was a receptive, committed and diverse group of individuals who shared common values of community, education, service and responsibility. So just like before she signed on.

Formerly Ivanka was employed as an intensive care nurse working at TQEH and briefly at the RAH. However, more recently she was a ‘very mature’ student in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Today Ivanka describes herself as a parent not employed in paid work outside the home (or as a Domestic Goddess on a good day).

She would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work and deeply thank all health professionals/educators and those providing essential services during these unprecedented times.

Ivanka hopes to encourage others to join the P&F and lend their voice, diversity and commitment to a group that at its core embraces all our children.