2020 Term 4 Week 4

2020 Term 4 Week 4

From the Head of Senior School

Last Friday at Speech Day, we gathered as a community to celebrate the academic achievements of our students. We are proud of all our students. I was particularly moved by the speeches from our College Captains, Zara Toffoli and Silas Hansch-Maher. 

Zara described that … experiences, challenges, and achievements all play a vital role in our lives. They are all building blocks which create one’s path to success and happiness. However, it is the obstacles that build our character, self-confidence, and strength. No one has ever achieved anything without first being challenged. She went on to encourage students to enjoy every moment. Appreciate your days at the College, take advantage of every opportunity, and learn from the obstacles, no matter its size, that comes your way (and they undoubtedly will)

Silas’s message to the students highlighted that … times change, and we change with them. Eventually, we all need to change with the times, to adapt to them. Failure to do so only causes us harm. But change is such a natural part of life. To quote Doctor Who: “We’re all different people, all through our lives,” because we’re all constantly changing. Such a natural part of life as change should be accepted, not feared. And as we’ve seen this year it can be, if we work together and keep one foot raised; we need not fear change, we can embrace it.

We are to teach our young men and women to be brave, intelligent, compassionate, and keen learners as they prepare to tackle the world’s big problems. We hope our graduates this year are ready to take on the challenges before them as they now complete their final examinations. As we look forward to next year, we should all consider how we can support a culture of continuous improvement … how we can be better in striving for the Magis.

Please take note of some special events at the Senior School during week 5:

Year 12 SACE examinations continue

Year 11 Drama Performance – Peter Pan, Flynn Theatre, Monday 9 November and Tuesday 10 November, 7:30pm

Remembrance Day, Wednesday 11 November

Year 8 2021 Transition Day − Bellarmine Room, Friday 13 November, 9.00am

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior School