2020 Term 2 Week 2

2020 Term 2 Week 2

From the Head of Senior School

It was great to hear the sound of excited voices and to see the sense of joy on the faces of almost 850 students on Monday morning as they returned to school. Many spoke of how much they had missed being with their friends and teachers in person during these past weeks. Most students appreciated the dedicated work of their teachers in preparing online lessons and resources, but their preference was clearly for the face-to-face experience of being together in class and at school.

We are grateful for the preparedness of our staff to learn new skills and methodologies in support of the students in their care. This was an example of collaborative learning at its best. At one stage we thought we could have remote learning for all of Term 2. We are relieved that students can return to school at this time.

To enhance physical distancing, we asked students to use more of the wonderful spaces they have at the College during their recess and lunch breaks. It took no time at all for them to appreciate a walk through the gardens, to throw a few hoops on the netball court, or to have a kick of a ball on the Bourke Oval.

As media discusses the gradual return of the NRL, AFL, Football SA and other professional codes, there is some optimism that school sporting authorities will work to a staggered start to the winter sport season in the coming weeks. Co-curricular activities play a very important role in the Jesuit philosophy of the formation of the whole person. Hopefully we will have some good news soon about training, and eventually, competition games.

A very special wish of gratitude to all mothers on Mother’s Day.

Please take note of some upcoming events at the Senior School during week 3:

Senior School Assembly − Friday 15 May, 9:05am

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior School