2019 Term 1 Week 4

2019 Term 1 Week 4

From the Head of Junior School

In talking with parents, it is pleasing to hear how children all seem to settle in to new routines and classroom dynamics, and make new friends. One parent informed me that their daughter in Reception was singing her newly learnt phonics songs all throughout the house, exhibiting her joyfulness in learning and in being part of this community.

It is our foremost desire to ensure that every child feels welcomed, safe, and cared for in our College. Each child is a somebody. That they are somebody means they matter to their friends, family, and our personnel who care for them. They understand that ‘I matter to the world’, and have their unique role in the drama of life. As God’s beloved, each child mirrors the hope, light, and spirit of our Creator. In order to experience this truth, children need to encounter this in every stage of their life through the care and affirmation of others. Where we are fortunate, this comes to us first from our parents. Where God is personal care, who formed you in the womb (Isaiah 44), we too at Saint Ignatius' are asked to provide others with what will ensure each child’s personal growth.

For this reason, cura personalis, the care and concern of each individual, is the hallmark of Jesuit education, and will always remain at the heart of our endeavours.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School