2019 Term 2 Week 5

2019 Term 2 Week 5

From the Head of Junior School

This week is National Reconciliation Week, which serves as a chance for all Australians to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The 2019 theme is ‘Grounded in Truth – Walk together with Courage’.

In beginning this week, we were lucky to have guest speakers from the senior campus including Mr Chris Toome who coordinates the Jarrumwani immersions, along with students Eddie Debenham and Holly Clark who shared passionately of their Daly River immersion experiences last year.

Above: Mr Chris Toome (Eddie Debenham background).

Above: Mr Nic Boys and Chris Toome.

Above: Holly Clark (Eddie Debenham background).

As Chris Toome states, “Jarrumwani (the long straight path to God in Tiwi) takes Year 10 students to traditional lands of the Northern Territory so that they can deal firsthand with the Aboriginal people whose culture has not been dissipated. It provides participants with a unique opportunity to experience life in and with indigenous communities that will develop in them a greater appreciation of our traditional cultures. The head will follow where the heart moves, and Jarrumwani immersions are undertaken so that our hearts may be renewed in their desire to work for others and to promote social justice in the world.”

At special request, the College also purchased a painting from Daly River community matriarch, Miriam Rose Ungunmerr, renowned Indigenous teacher, artist, and founder of Merrepen Arts Centre at Daly River. This painting serves as a tangible reminder of the connection between our communities, where the artist is the grandmother of Montanna, one of our students in the Junior School. 

Above: L-R Eddie Debenham, Chris Toome, the Pelican and the Brolga painting, Holly Clark, and Montanna Page-Marranya (granddaughter of the artist).

I would like to especially thank the Parents and Friends Association who have gifted us in the framing of this beautiful piece, ‘Pelican and Brolga’, which will find its home in the Junior School reception foyer. This artwork serves as a reminder of the unique connection we have held with our indigenous communities in Daly River and Bathurst Island over the past 19 years. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of our Ignatian values: to live with, learn from, and walk alongside our Indigenous brothers and sisters where, grounded in truth – we will walk together with courage.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School