2019 Term 2 Week 4

2019 Term 2 Week 4

From the Head of Junior School

We could not have had a more glorious start to the Year 5 camp at Victor Harbor this week. Sunshine, blue sky, and plenty of excitement marked our arrival at Adare camp site. In their two days away, the children were abuzz with outdoor team-building challenges. Groups of children were intermixed as they solved problems, completed survivor courses, and flew on the ‘Flying Kiwi’ inverted bungy.

Above: George Serocki prepares for the Flying Kiwi activity.

Above: Pane Sylaidis, Chelsea Marks, Caitlin Anderson, Ruby Whiteman, Lily Hombsch, Grace Pertl and Lucy Abbott.

Above: Stefan Cutone, William Mee, Harrison Sparrow and Brock Michels working as a team.

Through all of this, it was wonderful hearing how children enjoyed getting to know others outside their normal friendship groups. In the sharing of their vulnerability, they found they received support and care from their peers. During camp, children continue to learn how to be more at home with themselves, in their own skin, outside of their homes, and they become more accepting of others. In learning more about themselves and their relationships with others, they learn on a slightly deeper level what it means to be human.

In talking with the Year 5 children, I learnt that they had come away with many happy memories of their time away together, but what surfaced as a common response was that they were most proud of having overcome their own personal challenges while away on camp. Schools should be ‘laboratories of failure’, not only in the academic sense but even more importantly in supporting the social and emotional development of our youth. In first knowing that they are unconditionally loved, children need to experience challenge in myriad ways in developing their resilience, capability, and confidence in dealing with the more difficult situations that life presents them. Well done to all the children for their encouragement, participation, and engagement while on camp. Thank you to those staff who gave of their time in the care and support of our children.

Well done to all the children in Years 4, 5, and 6 who are undertaking their sacraments this year. We look forward to celebrating this meaningful and memorable occasion with you and your loved ones this weekend.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School