2020 Term 3 Week 5

2020 Term 3 Week 5

From the Head of Junior School

Science Week:

‘Deep Blue: Innovation for the Future of our Oceans’ is the College theme for National Science Week in 2020. This is an important theme for teachers and their students to focus on. They are always out there creating climates, absorbing carbon dioxide, lapping away at the shoreline, and it is impossible to ignore, as oceans cover more than two-thirds of the Earth’s total surface area.

This theme has enabled teachers and students to follow ‘The Story of a River’ to develop an understanding of the various human impacts of pollution, including litter washing into our waterways, farming, industry, fishing, and leisure activities such as boating and water skiing. The students were then able to learn and practise water filtration techniques, starting from decanting to more complex purification techniques, required to clean our waters to provide cleaner drinking water and keep our waterways pollution-free for the sea life that inhabit them.

Above: Katelyn Heinrich Reception Red

Above: Benjamin Hoang 2 Blue and Max Meng Reception Red

Above: Benjamin Hoang 2 Blue and Aaron Hou 2 Blue

Above: Max Meng Reception Red and Sophie Cooper Reception Red

Above: Sophie Lanzilli Reception Red, Sophie Cooper Reception Red, Alexander Wu 1 Red, Katelyn Heinrich Reception Red and Sofia Giro Reception Red

Further to the work covered in Science Week, our Year 4 students enjoyed a special presentation from Patrick and Vivian Greene (parents of Allegra in 4 Blue) about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint for the sustainability of the environment. After discussion on the concept of sustainability and the variety of resources available to producing energy, the students were educated on how solar power works and is used. Year 4 enjoyed participating in two activities: they learnt how to most effectively place solar panels on homes, and they also completed a home energy audit to see how everyday choices can reduce their household carbon emissions. 

Science plays such an important role in our understanding of the world around us. When children are engaged in hands-on science, they are able to concretely model often complex and abstract ideas in meaningful ways. I share with you some images of our young scientists at work over the past couple of weeks.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

Year 1

In STEM we have been inquiring into changes that occur in the sky and landscape. We made weather bottles that capture the uniqueness of each season.

Above: Alexia Papatraianou, Alexander Wu, Sam Turner, Tilly Schirripa

Above: Laurel Yang, Ben Taylor

Above: Kingston Vu, Siena Boys

Year 2

Children have been photographed from our STEM rotations creating play dough, butter, and elephant toothpaste.

Above: Sinchana Murthy 2 Blue

Above: Pip Ogden and Eli Kremer 2 Blue

Above: Patrick Beltrame 2 Red

Above: Patrick Beltrame and Henry McKay 2 Red

Above: Taylor Lee and Sienna Chhoy 2 Red

Above: Archie Manuel, Liam Lenden Barnes and Benjamin Hoang 2 Blue

Above: Leon Fassina 2 Gold

Year 4


Above: Guest speakers Patrick and Vivian Greene explain how important it is to reduce our carbon footprint for the sustainability of the environment