2020 Term 1 Week 8

2020 Term 1 Week 8

From the Head of Junior School

During Friendship Week our children have enjoyed engaging in a number of activities across the College, unpacking what healthy friendships look like. On Friday a number of classes participated in the ‘Circus for Life’ presentation, equipping children with skills and strategies that build resilience in moments of conflict or bullying.

Our wellbeing framework underpinning our academic provision will ensure the College remains a sense of consistency for our children in these weeks and months ahead. If you have any concerns for the wellbeing of your children, please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher in the first instance or the College counsellors who can offer means of support.

Given that we are all moving in unprecedented times, the Junior School is preparing in the event of a possible school closure. Staff on Monday will be working on how we would strive to deliver the best possible teaching and learning opportunities for our students should they be working from home. Understanding that learning will be most successful if the students and staff maintain their connection to each other and their peers, we are devising the best means for this adapted learning to occur as per the different ages of the children.

A gentle reminder as per the Principal’s circular, that the College respects the right of families to keep children home due to their general concerns about COVID-19. It is important to recognize that the College staff will endeavour to assist but until we go to off-site online learning, our focus must be mainly on our day-to-day teaching at school.

We will seek to be as supportive as we can for families who have a serious pre-existing medical condition and acknowledge this has meant that these families have acted to withdraw their children from school. I ask families to keep in contact if they have special needs at present.

Thank you to families for their support in keeping sick children – however mild that may be – home. I leave you with a poem that might resonate with parents over the ‘what if’ in this period of change.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School


I bet that “Corona Virus”
Is a word you’re hearing MUCH
Making your parents really scared
And saying “DO NOT TOUCH”

Saying that we should “isolate”
Reminding us to SOAP!
But my dear one, my shining sun,
Here are some ways to cope.

First of all you need to know
Our world WILL be okay!
We just need to hunker down
So the virus goes away.

To stop our friends from getting sick
We need to just be wary
Stay inside to stop the spread.
Y’know? That’s not so scary.

Maybe it’s time while couped inside
To explore imaginations
To draw + read + make + bead
And bring to life creations!

Maybe it’s time to learn guitar,
Or time to plant some seeds.
Or to dream up that invention
That solves our greatest needs.

Could it be time to learn to cook
Or send your friend a letter?
Or think about all of the ways
That you make this world better.

To paint a painting, sing a song,
Make your debut movie
Read a book or carve a nook
Or dance a dance that’s groovy.

I know that life feels different now
And maybe kinda BORING
But remember now, my darling child
Your mind is worth exploring.

Most of all you need to know
That this won’t last forever.
And that even though we feel apart
Our world has come together.